1975 Calderglen Greenhouse

Here’s a fantastic photo of the Greenhouse at Calderglen House, just off Blantyre Ferme Road. Clearly when this photo was taken in 1975, it was still being used and despite its age, looked to be in very good condition, even with some apparent glass repairs.

1975 Calderglen Greenhouse wm

The Victorian greenhouse sat on the edge of the terraced gardens, the entrance facing west, like the house nearby and just out the picture to the left. Thought to have been constructed by the Cochrane family, the greenhouse is on the 1896 map but should not be confused with other smaller, less formal glass houses which once were further south.

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Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,

Blantyre Project this location is now the patio seating area at the garden in front of Calderglen Care Home. Stay tuned for many more photos of Calderglen, some even 80 years older than this one, including workers inside this greenhouse, in the offices, and what the house used to look like inside 130 years ago……all exclusively coming here, and as so often on this site, previously unseen.

Margaret Leggat Carswell Oh looking forward to seeing more pics x

Stephen Kelly When did that get pulled down?

Blantyre Project I’d say the 80s, to make way for gardens and patio area for the care home. It would have been a liability all that glass and upkeep inside. It does look in good condition though even in the 70s.

Stephen Kelly Blantyre Project I have a vague memory of seeing that when I was a wee boy. That was the 80s

Nicola Philp I can’t remember seeing the greenhouse my mum
Christine Stillie worked there from the mid 80s till late 90s.

Steven Lightbody Was there ever any stable buildings at the back of calderglen house? When we were young you used to go past the old chapel in the woods and along the path. It took you to some old ruined buildings, which I always thought were stables. Built with brick and maybe some sandstone?

Blantyre Project Hi Steven- yes these were the “offices” for the policies. Keeping the day to day runnings of the estate (e.g gardening, dairy, tools, etc )separate from the house itself. I’ll be writing about this in due course although people may remember greyhounds being kept there. I also now own the only known photo of the completed chapel, in all its glory. Im looking forward to posting about that soon too.

Steven Lightbody Cool, I’ll look forward to reading and seeing them thanks!

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