Suspension Bridge


Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 13.56.31I was delighted to find this newspaper report from 1853, which provided a little more information on the arrival of the first Suspension Bridge at Blantyre Works. Can you imagine all those years ago, celebrating the arrival of an accessible Village bridge connecting Bothwell to Blantyre.

From the ‘Scottish Guardian’ Newspaper on 22nd February 1853, parts relevant to Blantyre stated, “A suspension bridge has just been erected on the site of the former ferry. This handsome structure crosses the river at considerable elevation. The distance between Bothwell and the railway Station at Blantyre is thus greatly lessened. The public are indebted for this accommodation to Messrs H. Monteith & Co, proprietors of the Blantyre Works.”

1928 Suspension Bridge

It continues, “The Patentee of the Bridge, Mr. Dredge of Bath superintended its erection, which was commenced in September last (1852). The dimensions of the bridge are 273 feet span, entire length 415 feet, breadth of platform 7.5 feet. It is constructed of malleable iron, with the exception of four cast iron columns, 33 feet high, which with a basement of rustic stonework from the pier upon either bank of the river and the entire weight of the metal does not exceed 50 tonnes.”

The bridge lasted just under a Century.




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