Backloan Meadow, High Blantyre


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I found this interesting advert from 1855. It describes a house and garden for sale in High Blantyre, being part of the Lintbuts and Backloan Meadow. A home of William Blackley who had the Causeystanes public house prior to son Arthur Blackley building the current pub.

This advert is 163 years old and Backloan Meadow certainly is a name now forgotten. Backloan literally meaning “the land at the back”. Indeed, it is highly probably that Meadow Avenue, (part of the Kirkton Avenue / Waverley Terrace housing estate), gives a nod to the Backloan Meadow.

Gordon Cook told me, “This was vacant land which wasn’t part of Priestfield or Bellsfield Farms, and we always referred to it simply as ‘the Orchard.’ If you asked anybody to meet you at the Orchard they would have known exactly where to be.”

The 1859 map shows 2 properties on the north side of Main Street at that location, the backloan meadow behind them.

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Bill Graham The orchard was still there in the 70’s I would climb over the fence at the bottom of Lintbutt’s garden and you were in the orchard. It was a great place to play and to have guy fox bonfires. You could walk from the Co Op to Kirkton AVE it was a very quick short cut.

Blantyre Project Thanks Bill. How different that area is now. I like the sound of orchards being maintained in High Blantyre.

Janet Cochrane My great great granny Lilias Christie was born at causeystanes in 1816 her brother John Christie is buried in High Blantyre kirk yard he died in 1874. My great grandfather Robert Main was born at Causeystanes in 1836. Could be the source of Christie burn.

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