Fifteen Hurt in Bus Crash, 1967


Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 22.25.5213 women and 2 men were injured in early 1967 one Friday when a minibus taking workers home from a factory in East Kilbride, collided with a double decker bus at the junction of Bardykes Road and Glasgow Road.

Both drivers and 12 passengers from the mini bus and one from the double decker were transported in a fleet of ambulances to Hairmyres Hospital and Glasgow Royal Infirmary.

6 people were detained in hospital due to their injuries, the others all home that evening.

Detained in hospital at Hairmyres were Blantyre residents:
Anne Findlay, 38 Croftpark Crescent,
Emily Morrison, 39 Mossgiel Street,
and Mary Brown, 19 Strathmore Avenue.

In the Royal Infirmary, the following residents were kept in:
Anne O Brien, 88 Devondale Avenue,
Winifred Allan, 61 Cowan Wilson Avenue,
and Josephine Tallis, 68 Parkville Drive.

Blantyre Residents allowed home included Mary McDougall, Isabella O Donnell, Margaret Bonnar, Elizabeth Hughes, Anna Hunter, Catherine Downie and Patricia Cain.

Thomas Crawford of 17 Armour Street was one of the drivers injured but allowed to go home. Both vehicles were extensively damaged.

Pictured is a modern bus at that very junction where the accident happened.

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