David Livingstone Centre – Busy Grounds

Some wonderful photos next of busy David Livingstone Grounds during one summer in the late 1930’s.

1930s busy grounds 2 1200dpi wm

The Livingstone Memorial was busy that day, as were the grounds with many hundreds of people coming along for some summer fun. Groups of people huddle around the seats under the large trees sitting in the shade. Shuttle Row museum provides a splendid backdrop for the many children’s games taking place.

1930s DLC1 wm

Games of rounders are underway, hosted by the scouts in their kilts. The trees still standing in the background, are now felled, one of which is lying in the park today. At the very back, beside the play equipment, children are treated to rides on ponies.

Whilst an ideal location for a gala, in 2018, renovation work is underway meaning this years summer gala will take place in Stonefield Public Park. Who can remember the grounds being busy like this?

1930s DLC2 wm

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,

John Cornfield As a wee boy I remember the coaches from all over brig parked in the car parks on both side of station road at Ness Drive

Catherine Paterson This is where all my childhood trips were in the 50s, living in East Kilbride I thought I was travelling miles away. Picnic was brought out on bread boards, a sandwich, a cake and and juice ☺️

William Mullen loved the summer…buses everywhere…free lunch…4 us villagers…lol

Betty McLean I always think when seeing these old photos if any relatives are in them.

Elsie Chalmers Sunday School trips…..got on train at Hamilton West and off at Blantyre Station…..the excitement of the very short journey complete with a packed picnic …..oh the joys of childhood…….and fond memories of David Livingstone Memorial.

Iain Sanderson I worked às an assessment gardner in the summer of 1974 and during the last 2 weeks in June it was heaving with bus loads of kids. From schools during the week and Sunday schools on a Saturday.

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  1. In 1974 I worked as an assistant groundsman during the summer and the last two weeks in June were heaving with school and Sunday school trips. My wages of, if I remember correctly, £7 per week were supplemented by the money that was lost on these trips.

    Dr Iain A Sanderson

    8 Sycamore Gardens



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