1950’s Mystery photo


1950s Mystery 2

Another mystery photo from George Patterson. This looks like one of the Church Halls, perhaps the 1950s or 60’s. Do you recognise the venue, the occasion or anybody in the photo?

Something happy by the looks of all these smiles!

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Ann Watson my husbands uncle Davy Watson is in it and Woman in middle at top of picture with pearls is Hanna Cairney Summers also think Rita Orr init all from springwells

Jean Brown There is a woman, 3rd row from the front between 2 women that looks like Aunt Rita.

Jean Brown Any of the Orr family,y agree she looks like our Aunt?

Ann Watson Yes Jean that’s what I thought x

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  1. paul ask davy Thomson as hes my cousin I think his brother is in this photo front with the lad with his hand on the sholder of the boy I think is my cousin

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