Auchentibber, 1978

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Taking you back to 1978 with this beautiful photo. Near the corner of Auchentibber Road and Parkneuk Road sits this beautiful house, with good access and space at the front, unusually, set back off the main Auchentibber Road.

A neighbour of the former Auchentibber Inn, this charming house is still in good repair and condition today. I’ve still to write about many of the houses in Auchentibber, so if you know more about the property, please feel free to let me know.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,

Janet Cochrane Maggie Wallace stayed there. She was the dinner lady and cleaner at the school when I was there in the 50s. We used to have our sports in the little field at the back of the house. On a Friday she came to the school and we lined up and she gave us a stick of barley sugar.

Paul Veverka Was her barn at the back of this? Mrs Wallace had the hall used for Auchentibber Welfare or at least was key keeper.

Janet Cochrane Paul Veverka there were buildings up the left hand side I remember a big grey building that I think was the barn

James Stirling That building was derelec round about 1960 ,we used to play in it then make our way up to the high calder

Blantyre Project With the help of local Auchentibber residents recollections and combined research, I have an open book draft about Auchentibber and it will feature loads of these stunning photos, including others taken by a distant relative over 100 years ago. A real deep, deep history with good, detailed research of the area. I’ll be continuing to rely upon recollections and comments here for embedding all the social history.

Elizabeth Weaver Wasn’t this originally two old cottages which the Sergisons – Allan and Margaret (nee Bell) converted into one beautiful house in the 60s? I was friends with Margaret when she was a child living in Victoria St. Her brothers were architects, I believe, See more

Blantyre Project Sorry Elizabeth, i dont know the current owners of this house.

Elizabeth Weaver Blantyre Project Thank you. I’ll do some digging.

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