Townfoot Farm, 1974


1974 Townfoot FarmJim Leishman kindly recently shared this old Aerial photo. Taken on the 4th June 1974, it shows Townfoot Farm (formerly Blantyrefereme), just of Blantyre Farm Road.

Comparing it against the modern 2016 aerial photo, you can see some instant comparisons. Like the removal of the large adjacent pylon. Or the extensions to the farm buildings and houses and even the renovation and rebuild of the barns to the present accommodation.

This is an area of Blantyre I’ve not written much about it, this post serving as my reminder to do something about that. There’s a complex arrangement of buildings at that location, not far from the scrapyards and many dotted houses and buildings nearby now no longer there.  It’s now on my “to do” list with a visit planned.

2016 Townfoot Farm

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,

Margaret Foulds My grandmother was Robina Young she was born and brought up at Blantyre Farm. Is this the same farm?

Blantyre Project Yes Margaret, but there was more to this farm than just the farmhouse. The area was also known as Blantyreferme and there were other properties on it too.

Blantyre Project However, Robina’s birth certificate doesn’t mention other properties and specifically does say Blantyreferme. Born 8th January 1888, the daughter of Robert Young (who was the farmer there) and Agnes Renfrew. Its likely the Young family came to Blantyreferme after 1873 following Robert and Agnes’s wedding. Your great grandmother Agnes, signed the birth certificate.

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