Rev John N Notman


Rev John Notman Old ParishNotman, Rev. John N. – BD was a minister of Blantyre Old Parish Church for 5 years between 1971 and 1976. He succeeded Rev George M Dale and was succeeded in 1976 for a few months only by a temporary minister, Rev. J.F Hart.

His arrival in Blantyre in 1971 was a time when the Church was experiencing rising costs and lowering of standards. Through his own personal integrity and wisdom, he guided the Church through this storm and enabled it to cope with the complexities of the modern church.

The first Stewardship Campaign of the Church was held at this time. He was married to Margaret and had two daughters, Marjorie and Caroline. Uknown to his congregation, he bravely worked through failing health until his death on 5th March 1976.

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Henry Hambley We were due to be married in Oct 1976 by John Norman. My recollection of him was that he was a gentle man. He sadly died before he could marry us: we were married John Silcox, another gentle man.

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