More of John Reid’s photos

With thanks again to John Reid for emailing me some of his photos.

Here’s a great photo of the old shop at 108 Glasgow Road, in the former Co building, pictured here in the 1970’s. John told me his windows were smashed out by vandals and rather than him incur the cost of replacing them, he simply boarded them over and painted them!

1976 JR Reid Printers wm

Also pictured is a great painting from 1989, showing John’s bespoke red rolltop building, much larger premises he moved to in the early 80s. You can read all about JR Reid Printers history from beginning until John’s retirement here.

1989 Painting of Factory wm

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,

Anne Marie Murray I got my wedding invitations from Reids..

David Mcintosh John supplied my business cards for many years

Gerry Walker My Brother, Tony Anthony Walker worked there in the seventies.

Liz MacKinnon Linda Cheyne. Can’t believe we were talking about this place this morning!

Linda Cheyne What a coincidence!

Gerry Walker Re, the Blantyre Advertiser, I wonder if the owner/publisher has photographic archives from all publications. I`ve been searching, to no avail, for a photograph of the St. Josephs` P.S. football team showing all the trophies they won in a season. The County Cup being the most prestigious of them all. I think it was the 1971/72 season.

Blantyre Project made a wee note to look in Hamilton Library next time im in, (likely next month)

Anthony Walker I was John Reid’s first ever employee

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