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IMG_4378As days go, today’s been pretty productive. Got some words written up about David Livingsone’s visit back to Blantyre, shopping, down Clydeside buying plants, back home gardening and grass cut. However, I did stop for a moment, when I had TWO visitors today.

Blantyre Project readers John Dunsmore (wee Yanni) and his pal, Sanny McVicar dropped by my home for a chat and to show me some old photos. I’ll be showing you those in due course. I’ll always have time for anybody who ever drops by to chat about Blantyre.

Sanny, kindly left several film reels, which he assures me are moving images of Blantyre from the 1950’s and 60’s. All being well, and without presuming, I hope to use this month’s book sales to fund the transferral of these old films into electronic format, to put up here to show you all!


It was a flying visit, but I did manage to get a great photo of the two gents. Thank you kindly and I promise the kettle will be on for you both next time!

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,

Elaine Speirs Paul i have a big box of old photos and stuff from my gran and papa including grans air raid wardens card a papas merchamt seaman card from ww2. Happy to give you copies and would love advice on tracing family tree and war record.

Blantyre Project That would be great Elaine! I can scan and send anything back. Up to my eyes in things to post at the moment, but perhaps after summer if you remind me? Thank you.

Elaine Speirs Blantyre Project good plan and gives me time to look through it all

Eleanor Connor Awwww…that was nice ! 💚💛

Russell Boyd Cant wait to see these movies. And also got your glasgow road book a couple of days ago. Only read a little bit of it so far and the info ive found out already is unbelievable. Being a springwell lad myself was amazed to find out about all the places that are gone now such as springwell place and the other buildings that were there. After telling my mum about it she told me that when her family first came to scotland that they lived in the ones directly across from the millers fireplaces building. Which she said they called meg’s building(but didnt think that was what it was officially called. Really lookin forward to finding out more that i didnt know about. Brilliant work paul well done

Blantyre Project Thanks Russell. Glad you’re enjoying it. I was pleased to cover so many of Springwells buildings and look forward to writing the book about the north side of the road a little later this year. Meg Lawson is in the book, for that building please see references to Smellie’s Building which sat at the corner of Springwell Place. Having such a prominent position at the shop and taking ownership of the building, im not surprised people referred to it as “Megs”. Thanks for your nice comments and have a good weekend.

John Dunsmore Wee Yanni , x his. Big. Minder when we were. Calder. Street. School 1962. Sanny , is some. Chappie

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