1679 Battle Bothwell Bridge


1679 Battle Bothwell Bridge wmThis drawing is taken from an old ‘magic lantern’ series of slides from the 1890’s. The scene depicts the Battle of Bothwell Bridge.

The Battle of Bothwell Bridge, or Bothwell Brig, took place on 22 June 1679. It was fought between government troops and militant Presbyterian Covenanters, and signalled the end of their brief rebellion.

The battle took place at the bridge over the River Clyde in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire near Bothwell in Lanarkshire, Scotland. The battlefield has been included in the Inventory of Historic Battlefields in Scotland and protected by Historic Scotland under the Historic Environment (Amendment) Act 2011


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  1. Hi Mike – this is a far older bridge than the Pey Brig (which was beside Shuttle Row and Blantyre Works). Bothwell Bridge is about a mile upstream from that. Aside from those two bridges, the only other bridge was the Craighead viaduct between the two and Clyde Railway Bridges much further downstream.

  2. Paul- the Bothwell Brig is not the same bridge as the Pey Brig, is it? Do you have a map or drawing showing the location of all the bridges over the Clyde, all on one map or drawing? Thank you.

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