IMG_3121“Foveran” is a sizeable field in High Blantyre adjacent to Crossbasket. Indeed, it once belonged to Crossbasket Estate but was sold to private ownership in the early 20th Century. The field, bordered by the River Calder on the north side and Crossbow Estate to the east was used by horses for some time and was recently screened off by Crossbasket when they renovated the Castle.

The origin of the place-name is from the Gaelic word fuaran indicating a place with a little spring.


Foveran has recently been re-aquired by Crossbasket Estate, piecing back together land that was under the original ownership of Crossbasket, something to celebrate. The acquisition, meant the end of all talk of private houses being built there, which was confirmed in September 2017, as something that WONT be happening. The protected land is now under the control of Crossbasket and their plans for expansion.

Pictured are my photos taken on a beautiful day in September 2017.

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