Youth Fellowship Dance

Again, the year is unknown but it can be confirmed this was a Youth Fellowship Barn Dance at the old Parish Church Halls on Main Street. This looks more likely to be 1960’s or early 1970’s by the fashions. Do you recognise anybody here?

1970s Youth Fellowship Barn Dance

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,

Brian Weaver That looks like David Dale on the right with the dark jacket.

Elizabeth Weaver That’s not Henry Hambley front right is it?

Elizabeth Weaver …and it does look like David Dale, Rev Geo Dale’s youngest, in dark jacket and glasses.

Henry Hambley I have to own up: I’m sitting front row on the right side. Beside me is Moira Todd (nee Abbot). Iain Neilson is second from the left in middle row. Beside him is Harry Mcdade (I think). On the back row extreme right is David Dale. So I think this must date it at 1972 at the latest. I used to keep a diary in these years but I think threw them out some ago thinking I would never need them. It’s clearly the old church hall upper floor.

Irene Dickman You’re correct Henry Hambley, it is Harry McDade on the left of the middle row,he’s my brother. Hope you Elizabeth and the family are well. 😊

Jean Orr Irene Dickman i was just about to tag Jacob Derek & Claire to point out Harry x

Margaret Stewart I recognised Harry too

Jacob Derek McDade Didn’t even need to ask Pamela who it was !!! Spitting image she said !! I can’t see it maself !!! Lol x

Claire Mcdade I can’t even find my dad in that picture!!! Lol xx

Irene Dickman Claire Mcdade far left in the middle row. Xx

Jean Smith Is that Harry second row far left?

Irene Dickman Yip that’s him.

Derek Nicholson Very cool uncle Henry!! Is that not uncle John Houldsworth in row behind you far right?

Henry Hambley I don’t think so. Perhaps we should get videotechnology to help or just ask John !

Morag Anderson Morag Allan on the back row. Great memories and fab photo. Thank you Blantyre project.

Iain Sanderson Between myself and my sister we reckon it must be late 1972 or early 1973

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