1978 Robertsons Expansion planned



Robertsons of Springwells 70s label

In December 1978, one of Blantyre’s oldest and most established companies “A Robertson & Co of Springwells” planned a programme of modernisation.

The work was to safeguard the jobs at the factory and indeed create more! The plan was to introduce £200,000 of new bottling equipment in early 1979 to their soft drinks factory.

The equipment intended to bring speed of production to the facility and in theory produce more finished product and by that token, able to provide further jobs. Worried workers were assured they would all be keeping their jobs as modernisation swept throughout the business.

George McDonald, a company Director said at the time, “We’re updating our plant to make us more competitive and to improve quality.” It was noted that in December 1978, the Springwells company employed 120 people.

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2018

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Russell Boyd Robertsons spring cola and orange were the best ever. Dunns are a poor substiture

Alex Young Dunn’s came in and changed the recipes to cheaper ingredients I worked there from 1975 right through till 2000

Russell Boyd Alex Young. Its definetely nowhere near as good as robertsons. My gran ran the canteen in it for years (ettie mcmahon) remember getting took in to the factory and one of the guys made me my own bottle of ginger lol. Was well chuffed😊

Davy Thomson Five star ginger beer was amazing with ice cream

Catherine Davidson American cream soda . Magic. Great with valerios ice cream. .

Margaret Mary OSullivan My Dad used to make me ice drinks with American Cream Soda and Valerio’s ice cream! Fab!👍😊💕

Catherine Davidson Margaret Mary OSullivan best ever. Wish we could still get Robertson’s .

Elizabeth Grieve Done a short family tree for this family as I was tracing one of their family members

Blantyre Project Would be interested in seeing that sometime Elizabeth, especially anything you have on Andrew Robertson, one of the youngsters who started that business allegedly in 1870.

Elizabeth Grieve will take a look for you Paul and send it on

Tom McGuigan I worked in there when the new machines went in.

Hugh Lennon Tonner Aye you were there …….worked ? lol

David Mitchell Red cola for me

Robert Henderson Worked in there back in the day

Jane Maxwell I loved their five star ginger beer.

Margo Lee Gibson I was born in my Maws house just round the corner at Burneside crescent. Loved the red cola with ice cream…. Oh! The memories 💕💕

Robert McLeod-Wolohan i worked there for a couple of years in the late 60s, i was a fork lift driver. loved that job and robertsons special cola was the best.

Paul Elliott Quenchy cup jubilees! Stick the empty carton in your bike tyre made it sound like a motorbike!

David Cunning Orange juice was superb

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