1978 Flooding on Main Street


1978 Expressway opens

1978 Expressway section opens in High Blantyre

As December 1978 drew to a close , High Blantyre was experiencing a new kind of problem. Rainwater flooding on Main Street, sometimes deep enough to prevent cars from passing. Attention turned towards the new Expressway being built.

Councillor Malcolm Waugh assured people Strathclyde Regional Council would do its best to alleviate the investigate the problem. Residents in the housing estates nearby, blamed the new road but councillors said this was not the case. Due to construction activity, some of the existing gullies had become blocked, so the problem was indirect. It was alarming for many people that in the short time the Expressway had been opened, that the Main Street in High Blantyre had been flooding frequently, twice of particular note.

Upon discovery of a gully beneath the Expressway which had not been functioning properly, the problem was soon rectified, with the road department clearing the old gullies out.

An aerial photo taken that year is attached. Do you remember the flooding happening?

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