1974 High Blantyre Primary


1973 HB Primary wm

1973/74 High Blantyre Primary School

A photo of High Blantyre Primary Pupils(?) in 1973/1974. Shared by former High Blantyre Primary teacher, Margaret Hewitt. Do you know any of the pupils? Can you remember this tie , prior to the introduction of the blue and black colours in 1974.

I think it may have been a temporary class from another school, being educated at High Blantyre Primary whilst their own School was being built (Glenlee?). There are other photos taken at HBP with kids, but nobody seems to recognise them.

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Linda Mcnaughton Mary Odonnell do u no anyone on this xx

Carol Murdoch Jones I dont think its High Blantyre primary as it was navy tie with thin pale blue stripe when i left in 1974.

Blantyre Project  The photo belongs to a former teacher who taught there.

Carol Murdoch Jones I was at high blantyre primary from 1968 until 1974 and the tie was navy with thin pale blue stripe throughout. It mightve changed later though

George Hay I left in 74 too & the tie was definitely navy with a light blue stripe. That photo must have been taken in the church hall as there was no stage in either the old building or the new primary that opened in 73.

Blantyre Project Definitely High Blantyre Primary but maybe the colours represent a temporary class? Taken in the new Primary School that had opened on Broompark road (there most definitely WAS a stage in that school). The protruding part at the front served well for hidey places at school discos. The hard floor caused injuries to kids when opened and was shortly “turfed” over in some jaggy blue astro turf type surface.

George Hay Thanks Paul, I was at the new primary for a year but can’t remember the stage. Probably not there long enough to see anything on it… The tie was definitely navy though with light blue stripe, I was at the primary from 67 to 74.

Blantyre Project I wonder if there was a transition year only. I have another photo actually taken in the grounds of the old Primary at High Blantyre with the kids in these strange coloured ties too, looks very 70s too. Perhaps there was another school or class or two from other schools who moved temporarily whilst their own school was being built somewhere else?I suppose a bit like the Uddingston School that ended up in St Josephs for a time. There must be a good reason for this and for why nobody in Blantyre is suggesting names for these kids!

Arlene Campbell There was a stage in the new primary I did many a music and drama on it

Billy Dunsmuir i don’t think this is high Blantyre primary

Jim Cochrane I dont think this is High Blantyre Primary, we never had a Tie like that . I was at both schools from 1969-1976 . I seem to remember blue flooring in the hall or stage . stage wasnt very high.pretty sure there was no red curtains either.

Andy Dallas Jim did you really go to school 😄😉😄😉

Jim Cochrane Andy Dallas in the dim and distant past.

Maryclare Nelson Looks like Logans primary tie, Motherwell.

Arlene Campbell I always remember the tie as navy with a grey stripe until it changed to a navy and mid blue . Also the curtains were not red but dark navy / black I started Aug 74 and I don’t recognise a single face here

Arlene Campbell Tie before it changed this pic is 76

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Maryclare Nelson IT is Logan’s primary , our friend is in the second row, just confirmed Arlene Campbell Well done detective Nelson

Maryclare Nelson Arlene, I recognised Susan and she hasn’t changed a bit.

Blantyre Project Thank you folks. I’ll need to send this back to Margaret the HBP teacher who sent it in and see if she worked ever in Motherwell. I still wonder if there was an association with HBP whilst a school was being built. There is a picture of children with this tie at HBP in Hunthill with Park Crescent clearly in the background. Maybe they were bussed over for a year. Back to the drawing board with this mystery!

Lesley Ritchie Lynn – recognise anyone?

Lynn Clark Nope don’t Lesley don’t think this is HBP xx

Janet Cochrane I recognise two of the children Alison Beckest and Marie Frizell they were my oldest daughters friends through primary so I would say it is definitely High Blantyre do not recognise the tie though

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  1. Margaret Hewitt (Howie)

    Sorry folks. I did teach at Logans after I left High Blantyre. Old age is creeping up! Was there for a year and a half until I left to have my first baby.

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