1973/74 High Blantyre Primary Staff


1973 High Blantyre Primary staff wmThis picture brings back a lot of memories for me, as many of these teachers were still at my primary school when i started shortly after,

Pictured in 1973/1974 are the staff members of High Blantyre Primary. Teachers, head teacher and janitor, I’m sure many folks will remember these teachers. I see Mrs Banks, Mrs Wishart and Mr Robinson amongst others.

Margaret Hewitt who shared this photo told me, “High Blantyre staff 1973-74. I was Margaret Howie – second from the right in second row. Was only at the school for one year. Got married at the end of that year and had to change schools. Still have the clock they gave me as a wedding present. Can’t remember names but they were a lovely group of people.”

Can you name the rest of the teachers and staff?

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Karen Fleming Think the head teacher was mr Rhodes in the middle next to me Henderson

Blantyre Project Eric Rhodes.

Lynn Delaney That is Mr Rhodes, I think the lady in the back row, next to the janitor was Miss Jones. Recognise the faces but other than Mrs Wishart in the front row, I can’t remember the names.

Fee Fee Duffy Mrs Steele x

Joan McLaughlin Think the lady at end of back row on left worked in the office. Mrs Smith?

Jean Gibson Yes, that is Mrs Smith from office.

Joan McLaughlin Is Mrs Banks at end of middle row on left?? She was my P1 teacher but other than Mr Rhodes and Mrs Wishart I can’t put any of the names to faces although I know they were teachers when I attended.

Mary Steele Mrs Dalrymple next to Mr Rhodes. I am not in this pic as I went to High Blantyre in 1978. Vernon Robinson next to Mr Rhodes.

Joan McLaughlin Mr Robinson was my big sisters p7 teacher . I was a pupil from 1977. Think you taught my cousin, David Marshall

Jimmy Blair Mrs Gordon front row on the right at the end. Mrs Mumford centre row 3rd from left.

Jean Richardson Centre, above Mr Rhodes, Mrs Gill?

Ann Boyd Remember some of those teachers

Ann Boyd Recognise mr Rhodes, mrs Dalrympill, mrs Banks, mrs Wishart and mrs Donaldson

Ann Boyd Oh and mr Robertson

Jean Gibson I joined High Blantyre staff as Assistant Head in 1978. Eric Rhodes was Head, Helen Dalrymple, Assistant Head, also in this picture, May Smith, Pat Wishart, Aileen Kennedy, Sandra Devine to name some.

Eileen Kennedy I must have been playing hooky that day or if it was 73\74 I was on maternity leave after being in the old school.Came back late 74 and was there to 95. Recognise lots of faces and still in touch with Mrs Banks

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