Double Image

Double Image who used to be known as Spex were a former comedy duo from Blantyre.

I don’t have a lot of notes on the duo, so here goes. They were a popular comedy folk duo in Scottish Clubs and Lounges during the 1970s. Alastair Ashwood (left?) was an audio visual technician by trade and played the banjo, guitar and keyboards. The other half of the pair was Ian Smith, a commercial stocktaker on guitar and harmonica. The photo dates from the late 1970s (1976?)

Can you tell me anything else about these men?

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Henry Hambley Remember Alastair Ashwood with happy memories. I can’t comment on his folk music career.

Davy Thomson Think the guy on the right wemt on to a successful career in the Royale family, and many more TV shows 👀👀

Maggie Anderson he does look like Ricky Tomlinson but don’t think it’s him lol….
Davy Thomson
Haha,, I know, lol🤣
Drew Semple Alastair went on to have a hamburger wagon called Zeke’s,sat outside cornerstone right beside the phone box.

John Sneddon Sang in Dooninn sometime ago

Thomas Barrett Him and his dad frequented the Dooninn both characters.

Jack Bethel I heard Alastair singing in the lounge in the Dooninn a few times. I remember his burger van at High Blantyre Cross as well. His mother and father lived in Stonefield Place.

Liz Doonin Alastair owned the Kiwi Lodge in Galston many moons ago. I believe Ian and his wife now live in Spain. Great guys

Brian Weaver I bought a Morris Minor convertible from Alastair for £9 in 1968. The exhaust pipe was made from bits of his mum’s Hoover. What a boy!

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