Three different fates – 1925

Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 16.44.03In December 1925, whilst pushing a rake of empty coal hutches up an incline in the Loanend Colliery, William Dowdles, James Mulvaney, and Thomas Wales were trapped by a runaway train of fully loaded hutches, which came hurtling down on them with sudden force.

The Blantyre connection here was William Dowdles, who lived at 6 Carfin Street, Dixon’s Row, Blantyre who sadly came off worst and was instantly killed. Mulvaney, who stayed at 400 Hamilton Road, Cambuslang, had his leg broken and his chest crushed. He later made a good recovery.  Wales was thrown aside, and escaped with just bruises.

We remember William Dowdles here today.

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Margaret Docto Rest in Peace William. Xx

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