1922 Blantyre War Memorial

1922 Blantyre War Memorial wmA fantastic photo of Blantyre War Memorial, not long after it was unveiled. This pristine photo was likely taken at the first remembrance service in 1922, following the unveiling of the new monument.

In the foreground what looks like a gun carriage, perhaps signifying shots were left off in remembrance.

The monument itself is brand new, and notably different from today in that it only had 1 war plaque then. Who could ever have imagined in 1922, as men and women laid those wreaths on remembrance, that a SECOND horrifying war would take place just a few decades later.

With thanks to Gordon Cook for this previously unseen photo.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,

Thomas Fallon Lions led by donkeys fighting queen Victoria’s grand weans wee argument about who’s empires were better

John Dunsmore Worked on it few. Times in the. Past.👍

Marian Maguire May they all rest in peace, they deserve it.

Blantyre Project the monument is in dire need of repair, especially at the base. I was recently given an original photo from the opening day itself, showing hundreds of people taken from the nearby tenement window. The monument was SO white when it opened. Post scheduled in May about that. I once read that several of these memorials were opened in the same week and were of similar design.
Elizabeth Lovatt Great photo … yet another memory….
Elizabeth Lovatt John Dunsmore….may I ask what primary school you attended as I had a boy (at that time ) in my class. I was Elizabeth Bennoch back then though.

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