Shuttle Row


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Just prior to the David Livingstone Centre being renovated and turned into the Museum in the late 1920’s, it had become in a deplorable state. The render discoloured and old had fallen off the wall, dampness had set in. The windows rotted, brickwork crumbling, water ingress into the building and woodwork rotting too.

The iron stair railings red rusted, the stone steps, old, worn and collapsed. Yet, still people lived here, despite owners William Baird & Co (the colliery owners doing next to little to maintain the property).

I love this old photo showing that state of disrepair. Its a stark reminder of the conditions people endured and lived in what was then essentially a condemned building.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,

Tom McGuigan My Dad was born in 1924 in Shuttle Row

Wendy Reynolds My great grand father was born there. X
James Watson Dad was born there 5-11-14

McLaughlin Lorraine Was he? That’s great there are pics of that time😊
James Watson Same name as myself Jim. Xx

James Watson p.s. Big Jim and wee Jim I’m the wee Jim Watson

McLaughlin Lorraine James Watson awe do you have a photo of him?
James Watson Sorry maybe up in the attic. Xx

James Watson Maybe in the attic sorry xx

James Watson Sorry xxx

McLaughlin Lorraine James Watson no probs jim xx

James Watson Have a look next time your mum sends me up there for a vase or something xx

McLaughlin Lorraine James Watson yeh good idea, because Ash is wanting to see photos of our old lab Rudy xx
Catherine Paterson McLaughlin Lorraine 😂
Sheona Brennan BTW Paul, sorry for highjacking you at Sainsbury’s yesterday, spoke before i thought,!the usual Sheona stuff..

Paul Veverka No probs. Sorry I was rushing. Was still feeling I’ll. hope your mum enjoys the book.
Marian Maguire My husbands mum was born in that building just after his grandparents came from Ireland and this was all they were offered.

Susan Dunsmuir My Dad – David Dunsmuir Jr. 4/1/1920

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