Sworn Enemies – 1925

In 1925, Hamilton Justices had to step in to attempt to restore peace between TWO Blantyre families. Something that seems to have caused the Chairman a bit of a headache.


The McGuigans and the Farrel families of Central Buildings, Glasgow Road had been at ‘fisticuffs’ for many years and finally in December that year, the law had to intervene.

The families were sworn enemies and matters were taken to court in Hamilton when a female member of one of the families was put on a term of further probation covering six months for her ‘behaviour’ during a period of observation.

The Fiscal mentioned that at previous Court appearances, several relatives of the same family had been put on probation and observation, with the hope of restoring peace between the M‘Guigans and the Farrels. To no avail.

“This is an opportunity to cease this endless strife between the families,” observed the Chairman. “Should any of you come before the Court before the period probation has expired it will serious matter. It you carry there is no doubt that the Court will always win.”

There’s no mention of what strife was caused to lead to the court appearances but certainly it appears to have been sustained for a long time, with each family thinking they were ‘in the right’  to reach court in the first place!

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2017

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