Archie’s Bucket List

I don’t know! You wait a lifetime to see a photo of a Blantyre man standing at Livingstone’s Statue at Victoria Falls, and TWO come along , separately in the same week! An earlier post showed Blantyre man Jim McSorley celebrating his 60th birthday at the Falls but this is topped only by Archie’s “remarkable Bucket list”.

Archie Simm is a kind hearted Blantyre Project reader whom I’ve got to know quite well this last year. Originally hailing from Blantyre, he has been living in Texas, USA for some time. The ex-pat recently went off an an epic journey which took him to many Blantyre related places around the world. Something he’s always wanted to do, Archie shared the following amazing photos, as he ticked off every place he visited, ending up with a visit to Blantyre, Scotland at my HOME in High Blantyre!! Just look at this for an adventure!

Blantyre Hotel, Lenox, Massachusetts last August.
Elm St., Lee, Massachusetts.
Blantyre Avenue, Cape Cod, Massachusetts.
Blantyre, Malawi road sign on way from Chileka airport.
Blantyre City sign at Blantyre, Malawi Council Offices.
David Livingstone Statue, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
Blantyre, South Lanarkshire.
A bucket list item fullfilled!

So rounding off the adventure, Archie met up with family member Hughie of High Blantyre and both gents came round to visit me this afternoon, Friday 30th March 2018. We spent a couple of hours having a good chat over a coffee and chocolate biscuits.

I’d like to say thanks to both Archie and Hughie for a right good old Blantyre natter covering wide and varied topics of discussion.  Wishing you safe travels home.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,

Lynsey Fojut There’s a Blantyre street down the side of Kelvinhall in the west end if he wants to add to his collection x

Elizabeth Weaver Och I remember Archie Simm from Auchinraith Primary. Looking well, Archie! (I used to be Betty).

Blantyre Project a school, very close to his heart.

Lesley Bethel Fabulous!

Betty McLean Hi Archie Great to know you are still travelling. Betty your Beech Place neighbour.

Helen Lawson Taylor Great photos Archie ,see you found another Elm Street .Lol.

Nancy Sinkinson Woo hoo Archie. Looking good. Talk soon Nancy ….was Beveridge😍😍

Etta Morrison Hi Archie long time no’re looking well.. another beech place neighbour xx

Mary McGaulley Hi Archie there’s a Blantyre St. in Toronto don’t know if you visited it when you were here. Hope you and Hughie are doing well.

Susan Lindner We met Archie at Auchinraith Primary whilst dropping off sunflowers the other day! Margaret – this is the man!

Margot Chisholm Fantastic story

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  1. Linsey, I sold my car to a couple in Blantyre Street at the Kelvin Hall in 1979. Thanks for the reminder.
    Elizabeth (Betty Weaver), I believe I may have an old pic of Auchinraith with us in it if I can sift through the tens of thousands of pics I have. Nice to hear from you.
    Betty, I hope all is well in Canada. i remember the big news when announced you and Alex would emigrate.
    Helen, I remember my visit to your house several years ago. I hope you are doing well.
    Nancy……always good to hear from you. When are you going back to Scotland or USA. Give my best to Neville.
    Etta, I remember our chat at ASDA entrance a few years ago…..a Beech Place natter!
    May….many thanks for you and Pat’s hospitality when I visited. Good memories. Never got to the park. Who knows, maybe another time?
    Susan, were you the Bee or the Sunflower? I have the photos to remember you by. Thanks.
    Lesley and Margot, thanks for your comments.

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