Blantyre Project in Zimbabwe


Just love this and it’s made my Easter weekend! Zimbabwe resident, Jim McSorley had a special birthday last week. It was his 60th and he spent it with family at Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

Jim, originally from Fernslea Avenue in Blantyre has spent time also in Dubai, but now lives in Africa. On 25th March 2018, last week, as a little tribute to Blantyre, Jim took along his copy of “The Blantyre Project’s’ first book and placed it at the foot of David Livingstone, in that far, off place!

With stories inside of the Village and Livingstone’s early life, it was a fitting tribute to the great explorer and so kind of Jim to think ahead and do that! It made me smile for it means this is the 14th Country I know of that this book has ended up in! Amazing!

The Livingstone statue, Jim AND the book had the most wonderful of views that day, as Jim’s photos show. The falls look simply stunning!

Incredibly, by co-incidence and completely separately, Jim wasn’t the only Blantyre man at Victoria falls last week, as my next article till show……..

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John Dunsmore Well done. Jim, ex. Tyre lad fae. Fernslea ave I stay there too when got married1968 wae in laws. Jimmy x Lizzie. Houldworth.👍

Isobel Hollis How wonderful! Spectacular falls….

Blantyre Project aren’t they just amazing! I was shocked by how beautiful they are.

Anne Marie Murray I saw that Paul Jim is a family friend and when I saw this I thought you would like it. Jim is a Blantyre boy!

Blantyre Project A taller than life-size amazing statue of David Livingstone would have been PERFECT and so appropriate for Glasgow Road beside the sports centre, instead of this current, meaningless, modern steel monstrosity (which should have been placed at Ravenscraig in Motherwell. Whats Blantyre got to do with steel?).
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Blantyre Project what actually IS this? Ive never been able to work it out. Who commissioned it? What does it represent? Who made it? Why was it put here? Who authorised it to be place there? It just screams irrelevance. (As you may tell, i hate it)

Elaine Speirs Blantyre Project me too! It should have been up to the community to decide

Gerry Kelly Don’t get it myself …but Blantyre did supply a lot of good steel men 😉

Marian Maguire Yes a statue of David Livingstone would have been great, not a piece of steel, blantyre is a mining community, although some did work in Ravenscraig.

John Dunsmore Yes. Paul you are. Right Nout to do with. Steel our wee. Village 👍

Elaine Speirs When i see the statues to the miners in Hamilton my heart swells. Thanks thing makes me feel nothing

Marion Anderson Catherine Beattie,is Jim a relative of yours?

Jim McSorley Hi Marion. Yes my aunt Cathy is my late dads sister

James Faulds as we all know blantyre was famous for coal and steel ,and cambuslang was famous for stealing coal


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  1. Nick! Fantastic! I’ll put that down as country 15! Thank you.

  2. Paul I don’t know if it helps but I have taken copies of your books to Cyprus in the past.

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