Glad Eyes vrs Blue Tanks


1In 1920’s Blantyre, there were TWO main gangs. Bigger rivals, rejoicing in names of ‘The Glad Eyes’ and ‘The Blue Tanks’. Both groups were comprised mostly of young men of Blantyre, and whenever a Glad Eye met a Blue Tank, a fight was inevitable!

Plots were hatched on either side to attack certain opponents, and the pinnacle of clan warfare reached its height in 1924 when a pitched battle took place in a field in Low Blantyre. There were numerous casualties, and the police, who came unexpectedly upon the scene, were able to arrest 11 of the combatants.

After a long trial by the magistrates six were found guilty of disorder and assault, and fines amounting to £13 were imposed. The Glad Eyes (that’s an eye for the Ladies) appear to have outlived the Blue Tanks, with the gang still known as late as the early 1930s.

From the book, “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2018

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William Mullen glad eyes tyre sounds good !

Blantyre Project fearful gang! Mostly from Low Blantyre , Glasgow Road and Springwells. Run in battles with Burnbank and other gangs were common!

John Cornfield I always thought the Blantyre Barneys was the gang from Blantyre never heard of either of these

Sandra Murphy Tyre rulesis what I remember……

Isabella Mcginty Love reading all the story’s of my birth place Blantyre keep up the excellent work.
Davy Thomson In the 80,s, I can remember the YST, coatshill cumbie, elm Street warriors, tyre young team,, any more?

Joe Reid Not forgetting Young Street and Logan Street Division. Think nearly every street had a gang in those days.

Stuart Tremble grave diggers……Elm st ?

Robert McLeod-Wolohan we also had gangs in the 60s they were called blantyre young team and burnbank was hubba hubba

Steven McArdle Just brought back some memories Davy Thomson lol

Stephen Allan In Priory Bridge we used to have a gang called the Wimpey Warriors.

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