1935 Causeystanes Dairy

Hamish Dow shared this with me adding, “I attach a photo taken outside the Causeystanes Dairy, 9 Broompark Road around 1935. The photo shows my GreatGrandmother M Dow (née McLauchlan) on the left with my Aunt Rosemary Scobbie (née Dow) in the centre. I’m not sure if the gentleman on the right is my GreatGrandfather Malcolm Dow. If it is, he is the father of Dan Dow the butcher who had his shop on MainStreet, High Blantyre
1935 Malcolm Dow Causeystanes Dairy wm
My Great Aunt Lizzie Lawson (née Dow) worked in the dairy and continued working when Mary and Joe Hobson bought it) My aunt Lizzie continued with her shopping expertise when she worked for Jim Wilson in his general store on the corner of Main Street and Victoria Street. My aunt Lizzie was a character, great in body and wit. She was affectionately called Lizzie Dow all her days – a usage that didn’t really upset her husband, Uncle Billy. The Lawsons lived with my GreatGrandmother and Great Uncle Jock Dow in the tenement building opposite the cemetery on Cemetery Road until they moved to a council house in Muir Street.
1935 Malcolm Dow at 9 Broompark Rd Causeystanes Dairy wm
In the 70s I had the privilege of being appointed the Resident Engineer for the East Kilbride Expressway construction. Not only did I help to bypass my birthplace, taking the heavy traffic off Main Street, but I also removed the last surface traces of Dixons pit where three of my family (Sneddons) died in the explosion of 1877. My parents left 1 Small Crescent (the house with the monkey puzzle tree) for Quarter in 1974. My father, Malcolm Dow still retained a presence in High Blantyre.”
1935 Causeystanes Dairy window wm
Wanting to add a little more, I found out that in 1935, Malcolm Dow was the tenant of the shop and the house above. The shop was the only one in that entire row of tenements. All the other parts of that property were homes on the ground and upper floors. Malcolm was renting the shop and house from Robert Stewart, the owner who lived remotely at Cambuslang, the trustee of James Aitkenhead, the previous owner. Malcolm’s annual rent for the shop was £22 and 11 shillings per annum that year.
Putting the old dairy into context, it was located just beyond Blakely’s pub on the same side. This 1936 shows it with a red dot.
1936 dairy
Today, the dairy would have been where the corner area of grass is in front of the pink roughcast house on the left.
Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 15.25.43
Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,
Margaret Elma Griffin I remember when Hobson’s had that shop on Broompark Road I was born above it I also knew Lizzie although I was only a child we lived at No 16 then 20 Cemetery Road she lived next door to Mr and Mrs Mackenzie everyone knew her she was very kind to me I also remember her working at Wilson’s you won’t remember me Hamish but I can remember you as a boy

Blantyre Project does anybody know what year this tenement was demolished?

Margaret Elma Griffin My Granny Miller was still living in the Tenement in the sixties then was moved to Teviot way they let her have the first choice of which Bungalow she wanted she chose the one nearest the Road so she could look down the Road and see her old home before it was demolished

Eleanor Connor Fantastic pics ! 💚 💛

Richard Lees Hello Hamish Dow, from Richard Lees

Andy Callaghan God, the house with the monkey puzzle tree in Small Crescent!!! I remember it so well. Real interesting story Hamish.


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  1. I think the Lawton’s the post refers to we’re my mother in laws beloved Uncle Billy and Aunt Lizzie. I believe they married later in life and didn’t have children of their own. Prior to his marriage Billy lived with his sister, Helen Parker nee Lawson, and he was a miner. My mother in law is Betty Mitchell nee Parker of Kerr Street. It is wonderful searching this website trying to find memories for Betty.

  2. Hamish’s photo showed his great grandmother, his great grandfather and Betty Dow, daughter of George and Maggie Dow. I am James Gall Dow, son of Malcolm Dow and Jean Gall. I was born at 22 Hunthill Rd High Blantyre in 1931.

  3. To Margaret Elma Griffin
    Margaret, vague memories of those staying in the Cemetary Road tenement. Anne MacKenzie was at High Blantyre with me. There was also Billy Cairnes in the house off the close. I remember Tommy Miller the speedway star stayed in the tenement on Broompark Road. Was Tommy related to you? There was also a wee white terrier belonging to Tommy that had an annoying habit of biting passing weans . Me included.

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