1890’s Blantyre Works Mills

This is one of my favourite old postcards, if only for the detail. Pictured in the 1890’s are the former Blantyre Mills and part of the Village, showing just how extensive they were. There are similarities of course to New Lanark, also built by David Dale.

The postcard ‘tinter’ has perhaps however got the colouring wrong? Whilst all these building were indeed built of brick, they were whitewashed, rather than having red exposed brick, although clearly in latter years before demolition in 1903, the paint was not maintained.

The picture is taken upstream of the weir from the Bothwell side of the River Clyde. Not one of these buildings remain in this particular scene. Even the bridge is gone. It was such an important part of Blantyre heritage for over 100 years bringing mass employment to the area and a shame that nothing was preserved.

1890s Blantyre works 1 wm

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