Mystery Tram 1920s

1920 Tram in Blantyre copy

Wee mystery. This is DEFINITELY a Blantyre tram as noted on the sign on the front of it, but I don’t think its in Blantyre. I’m 90% sure these buildings aren’t Blantyre.

SO, where is it? Not a quiz, I genuinely don’t know. Dating from 1920s, could be Cambuslang, Hamilton or even Motherwell.

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Mark Robinson Looks a bit like the empire bar in burnbank

David Jamieson Maybe the old building at high Blantyre where the nursing home is now across from the pub ?
Blantyre Project no trams ever ran in High Blantyre.
Historic Hamilton Two places come to mind, Muir Street & Castle Street. I would really have to dig out some pictures to see.

Kirk Ritchie Definitely the Empire bar Burnbank

Gillian Cunningham Looks like the top cross at Hamilton across from Quarry st at the lights.

Megan Ó Criocháin Blakeleys bar cxx
Blantyre Project ruled that out. No trams in Main Street.
Jamie Nisbet Old origanal bar??
Blantyre Project nope. front is different.
Kenneth Downie high blantyre cross where the home is now….used to sit in the arch for a rest after a trip to greehall as a wean
Blantyre Project no trams ever ran in High Blantyre.

Margaret Duncan Rutherglen
Martin McManus I’m also 99% sure it’s the Empire bar.

Ian Zook Graham Empire bar you can see shap on window at corner still there now

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