Guess the years? The original and Under New Ownership.

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Drew Semple the original one or the new ownership one?

Blantyre Project good question! Lets go for both!

Kenny Beecroft Around 1981 maybe ??
Clare Graham 1981 I worked in it when Leckie owned it brilliant pub !

John Cornfield 1981 definitely

Drew Semple yep 1981,great pub then.

John Cornfield Certainly was cutting edge nothing like it in lanarkshire

Drew Semple Defo John,phil leckie on the decks or even Mr.Superbad πŸ™‚

John Cornfield Drew Semple great days Drew

Gary Doonin 81 82

Drew Semple Big John McNeil on the door

Marilyn Muir Brilliant guy, he always looked out for me when I worked in Ziegfields

Kenny Beecroft And Lexi too Drew !

Blantyre Project Original was 81. Well done. What about the picture then, “the change in ownership?”
Kay Japp Hugh Innes.Β Was Gerard McLaughlin the original owner?

Clare Graham Gerry was manager.

Clare Graham Gerry Reilly and Brenda mcilduff ran it 1981 onwards.

Tricia White Loved this place ❀️

Lynda Hamilton Stevenson Yes you could be right Kenny Beecroft

John Krawczyk Davy Pineskus juggling with his tray collecting glasses
and doing tricks

Flynn Flynn Rascals..in its prime..most definitely ahead of the pub game πŸ‘

Kenny Beecroft How you doing Mick ma auld friend ? Good I hope .

Flynn Flynn Beeky..!!! 😱 πŸ‘πŸ‘
Awe gid here.,hope yir sound ma freend
Flynn Flynn Js looked at yir pic..πŸ˜‰
Still a hansum mthr fkr

Worked as bar & table waiter,prior to leaving & making my way in foreign lands..πŸ˜‚

Flynn Flynn I had 2 unexpected …
but very welcome visitors here in The Hoolet’s last Sunday.,both Gerry & Brenda former Rascals managers..😎

Flynn Flynn Home from their 36 year holiday in the states..!!πŸ˜‚

Alison Findlay Loved this place xx

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