1978 Old Parish Festival Group


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The Ladies of the Blantyre Old Parish Church Festival Group met in late 1978 to hold a very International evening.

The purpose was to raise funds for the Church Festival to be held the following year, 1979. They held a programme of food, flowers and music from various countries. Here, ladies represent countries Italy, France, Greece, Japan, South America, Kenya and Spain.

Do you recognise anybody?

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Valerie Krawczyk Audrey Smith seated on the right.

Anne Cook My mum Jean Galloway slap back in the middle of the picture in a Chinese costume !!Wow!!!-recognise lots of others too !
Anne Cook Ina mMcCorkindale on her left and Nancy McFarlane on her right as you look!!!!
Helena Rochead My mother-in-law Minnie Rochead second from left. Ina McCorkindale in the Scots bonnet at the back. Mrs Dunn seated in front of her. Myself (Helena Rochead) seated between Audrey Smith and Jean Galloway. Myra George in the Indian sari second from the right.
Marian Maguire Ina mccorkindale and Jean Galloway.


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