Blantyre Telegraph Magazine

My BIG news seems to be out. So here goes….
I’m launching Blantyre’s very own Glossy Magazine!

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I decided against a Blantyre annual after all, settling for a quarterly full glossy magazine. Professionally designed, it will be packed full of local Blantyre news, including jobs, stories, crime, readers letters, local business interests, results of our polls, entertainment, what’s on, useful contacts, gossip, topical news, sports, photos, a selection of stories and comments from this page, articles I’ve held back on posting about and MUCH, MUCH more! Yes, they’ll also be a Blantyre Project history section in it too!

I’m hoping to make it as FUN, INTERESTING and INFORMATIVE as possible and something you all rush out to buy. It will 100% focus on Blantyre.

This isn’t just 4 stapled pages or even a small pamplet. It’s a proper bound, full magazine. Think of it as a SUPER enhanced version of my little previous paper test run back in 2015 and 2016.

Launching soon

All being well, ‘Blantyre Telegraph Magazine’ will soon be available to buy from anywhere on the planet, bought directly online (with free delivery to the UK!) It will come in full colour AND in a reduced price version in black and white. Frequency of publication remains to be set, but is expected to be at least quarterly. Price remains to be set as well as other fine tuning.

Benefiting Blantyre directly

The best bit? It’s non profit making. ALL revenue from advertising and sales, after the cost of the magazine will go BACK to local Blantyre charitable causes, the following month after sales. I hope to launch a couple of weeks after Easter and no doubt you’ll be hearing much more about my latest venture! History posts here on Blantyre Project will continue with daily posts already scheduled here well into the summer.

Of course this is a spare time, evening and weekend thing. I like my day job too much to do anything else fulltime. With thanks to a few people assisting (me), as i couldn’t do it alone. You know who you are. A mockup cover is shown.

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