1910 Stonefield

1910 Stonefield postcard wmThis excellent postcard was emailed to me by Blantyre Project reader, Arch Park (in Australia) back in December 2017.

I’d seen it before, but this one is much better quality and allows picking out good detail when zoomed in. It’ll certainly help illustrate articles when I start posting about all the Glasgow Road North businesses! 18 kids hand about the corner of Logan Street, where the former post office used to be.

Dating from around 1910, the Stonefield Parish Church steeple in visible in the background. Picture looks east towards Springwell.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,

Robert Stewart Building on the LHS, what was its exact location?

Blantyre Project Hi Robert – Alpine Street leading off to the left in front of the 3 storey McAlpines building. On the right in the foreground are Central Buildings, beyond the crowd is Priory Bar and Logan Street leading off right and in the back on the right is the Masonic Building.
Robert Stewart Thanks Paul

Frances Reid thanks for letting me know where the post office was as i have been trying to think where it was

Betty Brown The corner is John St,👍

Blantyre Project No and Yes! lol. To clarify for others. The foreground corner leading left is Alpine Street (which today is as you say is now the top of John Street). Back then before the top of John Street was re-aligned, John Street was directly across from the Masonic Buildings, further back. John Street entrance in the era of the photo was leading off left just behind the tram.
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