Auchentibber’s Mess


A sharp reminder of Blantyre’s problems and issues came at the start of December 2017, when I was emailed these photos of the problem of fly tipping in Auchentibber.

Taken directly outside Auchentibber Farm (derelict), the roadside of Auchentibber road is an absolute mess. This HAS to be the worst i’ve ever seen it.

Blantyre’s problem of fly tipping continues, damaging out beauty spots and surrounding green areas. It is time the council or the police did something about it.

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Jim McDougall I’ve said it before , The authorities have got to get their fingers out and hammer these bloody morons hard , £5000 fine and their transport confiscated , I’m sure that would soon put a stop to this disgusting disgraceful behaviour of our countryside

Blantyre Project By coincidence, the council actually cleaned this mess up yesterday so it is looking better and told a friend they were coming back to clean up the tyres. However, they wont touch the mess actually within the derelict farm, as its private property. SO….still an eyesore.
Blantyre Project I would add, this is the WORST I have ever seen tipping in Auchentibber. Its spiralled out of control.
Arlene Campbell That’s shocking
Christine Forrest A wee bit of investigation would find who’s dumping it but yes we should write to the council.
Jim Leishman Have you driven Blantyre Farm Road recently? You can see all the mess due to lack of foliage. I realise it’s a dangerous task to pick up but surely a safe plan could be done to clear up periodically. And I agree, heavier fingers if you can prove the offence, always difficult that one. I’ve followed a council pick up truck who was chucking stuff out his cab. No I didn’t report as no evidence. Maybe with more dash cams…..
Jim Leishman * fines lol
Elaine Speirs there must be some evidence to track them down. we need to catch these people
Sandy Powell In many cases there are delivery address labels on the packaging . It’s not rocket science to figure out who dumped it . Council can’t be arsed . It took months to get chicken waste and tyres picked up from Kittoch glen in EK
Tom McGuigan I remember in the 70s there was also tipping there so it’s not a new thing
Sylvia Mclaughlin Think council cut backs n 1 uplift a year contributes greatly
Richard Lees The answer is simple, allow them to dump it at council recycling plants FOC
It’s costing us all millions as it is now.
Sandy Powell Why do councils charge businesses for using council tips ? Oh I forgot ! the tips are run by private companies who charge the council because it is cheaper to do it that way ! Aye so it is !
Chris Ladds Anywhere this behaviour is abhorent, but with the rich heritage and scenic aspects of that area over the Strath of Clyde, it makes it all the worse… There should be a reform in how this is aproached. Surely a camera at the aljunctions into and out of the area at Sydes Brae and junction of Calderside With Newhousemill, alongside big warning signs would help write off the area from tippers daring to enter – as every vehicle would be potentially on film coming in and out of the area.
Betty McLean An eye sore.
Marian Maguire The other day the mess in muttonhole Road was being cleared up, I bet it is just as bad this week. I wish there could be cctv cameras on the big pylon near the big lay-by as im sure the fines would pay the cost of the clear up. Good idea Chris ladds, the local tip should be owned by the council and not private companies.
Gordon Paterson Everywhere there is a layby, folk have flytipped garbage. It’s a disgrace. Some folk have no morals.

Lesley Hartley Despicable 😡

Samuel Rodger Absolutely Disgraceful to say the least
Helen Henderson Mclaughlin They would be cheaper installing cameras at theae hot spots then you would catch them n fine them
Jim McSorley Shame on them.

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