Demolition of Mickey’s Cafe

Stephen Anderson kindly shared this great photo, which I’m sure loads of people will recognise.

1990s Stonefield Road wm

Yes, its the bottom of Stonefield Road and you can see that Mickey’s Cafe has been demolished, the rest of the building still intact.

Anybody remember this. Now here’s the thing…..can you tell me what the year is!?

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Kenny Dalgleish Strange to see cars parked on both sides of the road

Blantyre Project must have been a nightmare for buses
Sheona Brennan And an old SMT bus, haha

Rab Mccarrol looks about 1990 but thats just a guess!!
Irene Agnew I think 1976
Kerry Tremble Kevan I’d say about 89.

Stephen Anderson 2nd car up on the left is a Mk III Vauxhall Cavalier which came into production in October 1988 and I took this photo when I lived above Craigs (December 1990 to May 1999), my guess is 1992.
Andrew Little Ford Sierra in the picture puts it in the 80’s post 83 at least

Steven Forrester 86 I think 🙂
Kenny Kane I think it was 83 or 84

Elizabeth Grieve Sad day when Mickeys Cafe was pulled down 😞
Isabel Mcneily My mum had the bottom corner flat in the complex that replaced this site, so I’d say early 90’s

Elaine Speirs I would saylate 1989
Isabel Mcneily Considering time to build flats you Could be right late 80’s

Blantyre Project Thanks everybody. I don’t know the exact answer to this , but knowing Mickeys was pulled down in 1988, and from Stephen’s comment above, i’d say this is 1991 or 1992. Must have been the last days of those remaining buildings.
Kenny Paterson Think late nineties in background Calder street has been refurbished.think that happened 94 or 95

Liz McGuire Loved mickey ‘s snowball and ice cream many happy days in there xxx
Isabel Mcneily I served in there nights and weekends (Isabel Clarkin)

Kenny Kane Mickeys was brilliant

Margaret McCluskey The thing I remember most about Mickey’s cafe is the scooter I got one year for Xmas got stolen outside it (prob around 72 – 74) 😞could someone please return it now😁
Janet Cochrane We moved into the electric houses on Stonefield Crescent at the end of 1970 a lot of the other families moving in had been moved from Mickeys building so it must have been condemned then .I don’t remember when it was knocked down

Paul McLauchlin I still miss Mickey’s.
Lynn Byers In 1989 we used to hang around in the wee building out the back that you can see in the picture. A homeless guy lived in it too. The tunnel through feom Stonefield road to Craig Street was there and it had no door. I’d say this was 1990/1991. What do you think Marie?

John Latimer About 89-90
Thomas Izzett Houses on calder street have been painted, so probs 93-94ish
Eleanor Connor Often went to Mickey’s after mass when I was younger, travellin’ from Cambuslang ….nice memories. 💚💛

John Cornfield This cafe was a Blantyre treasure and should have been kept at all costs but I was a stupid wee boy at the time or would’ve started a petition no if it was as late as that I was sent to Coventry by then 😂
Mary-Jane Greenhorn 1988 I would say. Would like to see Actual photos of Mickeys if there’s any circulating

Blantyre Project I’ll see what i can do. I’ll be writing about Stonefield Road soon. LOADS of stuff needing corrected about Mickey’s and the buildings beside it. Unravelling all the history will take some time in this block with so many businesses being there over the 20th Century.
John Bulloch Remember the hot peanut dispenser love hot peanuts
Roy Smith Probably 93
Cameron MacBride Liz MacBride, Rita ran Mickey’s until the end I think. When was that?

John Allan And the wee red box still there
Michael Docherty 92

Liz MacBride I spoke to Rita Calder. She had Mickey’s from 84 to 85 and a woman took it over after that for about about 4 or 5 years – so it would be demolished about ’89/ ’90

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