Modern Homes

335 and 337 gap

Modern homes occupy the former Bowie’s Nursery shed and stores

   Between ‘Oakbank’ Cottage and ‘Campsie View’ on the south side of Glasgow Road was an unusual gap of around 28m throughout much of the 20th Century. Part of this gap was occupied in the first half of the Century by the Bowie Family’s Market Gardening sheds and stores.

   In modern times, a semi-detached 2 storey house at 335 and 337 Glasgow Road has been built. The stone is light in colour and sympathetic to surrounding villas but at 2 storeys it is higher than the adjacent homes after modern planning required it to be relocated further back set off Glasgow Road and out of alignment of the existing villas. As such, it has a large front garden which is currently graveled with iron railings. To the rear, the garden faces into St Blane’s Primary School. The house is on land formerly belonging to the Gray family at number 333.

   Also, to the west of this gap is now a one and half storey modern detached house at 339 Glasgow Road. Built of red brick and concrete tiling, it has a large front garden offering a good monoblocked, driveway and like its modern neighbour, is set back off Glasgow Road.

   The house is built in the same style as the lovely homes on the extended, Poplar Place to the rear. In the last decade, conifer hedges have grown taller, threatening to obscure the house from being seen from Glasgow Road, but all these homes in this article are certainly, quality & desirable family homes.

From the book, “Blantyre Glasgow Road South – The Real Story” by Paul Veverka (c) 2017

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Blantyre Project I have missing information for this block. Not sure what year these houses were built.
Clare Whyte Hi this is mine and my brothers houses that we built in 2003 and completed in 2005. The land was actually a landscape garden that belonged to the owners of 333 Glasgow Rd which one of my brothers bought. There was never plans for any roads on the land and the red brick next door is owned by John McLean and 333 is now owned by Amanda Gorman Lawson. Glasgow Rd is a great Road to live on with great neighbours….👍

Margo Clayton Don’t think Bowie’s went behind 335 & 337. If my memory serves me right, there were houses there in the 60’s. 339 was where our garden was when we lived in Campsie View in the 50’s and 60’s. The garages started behind our garden. Will try and find out for you.

Blantyre Project Thanks Margo. I hope you find the Campsie View and Bowie posts this weekend interesting. Please feel free to keep me right. After all, we’re both related to this family, albeit a little further back. 😉

Margo Clayton Looking forward to it😃

Margo Clayton Spoke to my sister who said that the gap was left because the council had planned to put a road in there at one time but the plans were shelved. 335 and half of 337 belonged to the Gray’s who lived in 333. The other half of 337 belonged to the Bowie’s.

Blantyre Project that is true Margo. I uncovered the councils plans and aborted road when writing up Cloudhowe Terrace. (coming soon) It still ends very abruptly today further along.  Here’s the 1962 map showing the divided fences between the Grays and Bowies. I still think part of the Bowies land did go behind the western modern home, but as you say it does look like a fenced off portion belonged to the Grays at 333. I agree it needs be be made clearer. I will update the book draft tonight after work with that clarification. Thanks Margo.

Margo Clayton That plan is how I remember it. 339 was definitely Bowie’s land. The lorries went in up the side of 341 and our garden was across from that, where the new house sits.

Margo Clayton The garden of 341 where 339 sits today. You can see the wall in the planManage
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Jackie Bowie Pity it’s not in colour – to see your red hair

Ian Paterson The old potato factory

Kenny Davies The boxes 😂

Hugh Lennon Tonner Lawpak was the factory.
Jim McAllister I delivered spuds an we got them in at lawpak yard
John McLean Looking out from 339 Glasgow Rd…Which is actually 71 Poplar Place & orange brick not red(So said the guy who done the monoblack for me)! 😂 😉
I’ve stayed hear since 2001 & actually still don’t get why they built my house back to front IMO! LOL
Back in the 80’s my mum worked for a company called Clean Walls that was on this plot back then! 👍
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Margo Clayton Your photo has been taken on almost the same spot as mine above. Only 50 years apart!

Margo Clayton The other side of the greenhouse showing the trees on 337.Manage
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Blantyre Project Margo, do you know what year some of the Bowies moved to Greencroft at Bardykes Road. Was it in the 1930s? Great photos by the way!
Margo Clayton Sorry don’t know that. Arlene Greene’s mum might know. Arlene’s mum still visits Grace Armstrong who, if memory serves me right, lived there. I may be wrong on that!

Lorraine Fagan Kenny what number are you?


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