Jon Pal Sigmarsson & Sandy Wilkie


1980's John Pal, Sandy Wilkie and Wilkie pickup wm

Pictured here in the late 1980’s is “strongman” the late Jon Pal Sigmarsson who attended the Blantyre Highland Games. Beside him and the huge ‘pint’ of milk, is Bardykes owner Mr Sandy Wilkie, his home in the background.

The photo, shared recently by Sandy also has the Wilkie’s pickup in the background, a familiar sight for many as it did its milk deliveries.

Sadly, Jon Pall died from a heart attack , a few years later, shockingly aged only 32 in 1993.

Can you remember seeing Wilkie’s deliveries around Blantyre? Perhaps you were a driver or even earlier, a delivery boy?

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John Cornfield Was a Wilkie warrior from 72 till 76 some of the best days!
Had the pleasure of picking Sanny up in my taxi 🚕 recently and thanked him
Not only did we deliver milk eggs cream rolls tatties during the school holidays we’d help harvest the hay and sillage help move cattle 🐄 also he had us at various young farmers do’s as well and got paid into the bargain for generally having fun even though it was work great days doon at Wilkies farm

Ross Haliburton My granpa was a delivery driver with them along with iain carr.
Elizabeth Grieve Do the Wilkie family still own the house

Jean Orr Yes & the nursery alongside it

Kimberley Wilkie Yes it’s still full of us Wilkie’s!

Jean Orr I remember Sandys dad being affectionately known as Peter Milkie x

Ruth Haughen Lol I can’t imagine my grampa being too chuffed with that name
David McClelland We used to help my dad cooking burgers at the Donkey Derbies/Highland Games. Also cooked steaks for all the heavies including Jon Pall, at the evening dance, must have been around the time of this photo. They ate loads!

Jackie MacDonald Spent many a day at the farm. Helped with the milking and my brother n I doing deliveries.
We used to stack the hay on trailers n ride 10ft high all the way down Auchintibber on back of trailer to farm. No health n safety then. Lol x

Billy Steven I was a delivery boy in the 50s when the van was a Clydesdale horse called Nell and the other one was called Janet

Cecil Willis Happy days doon on the farm ma auld da stoker gave a good work ethic long great summers

Margo Haughen Your dad was our babysitter at times, Cecil, and made great.’curly’ chips! I have lovely memories of Mr Willis xx
Stevie Mclean Yeah stoker Willis made us a tandem to play with in summer, an old gentleman, always at his gate with words of wisdom.

Marian Maguire I remember this.
Gerry Walker My brothers, Joe, Tony and myself all worked with Wilkies at different times in the 60`s / 70`s.

Walter Fleming Yep and remember Sandy’s 21st birthday bash well. Shhhh !

Jay Peajohn Stone I can remember going to school with Mr. Sandy Wilkie…

Liz Boxall As did my brother John Tennant

Ruth Haughen In his kilt?
Jay Peajohn Stone Ruth Haughen Nope he had to wear the uniform…
James Mclaren Naw it was David Roxburgh I worked for delivering milk & worked on farm best days of my life.

James Mclaren Amy Steel I loved every day working The farm with your dad David & wee David lol x
David Roxburgh 44 and still getting called WEE David James lol
James Mclaren Still answering back I see lol
James Mclaren I need to visit to catch up with you guys
David Roxburgh That would be good I’m needing a whole dug . I will buy a feel shovels for u coming up lol
James Mclaren What your going to part with money I usually have to bring my own lol
James Rouse Great memories John. Was the same myself from 79 till 83 then went and worked for Davy Roxburgh. Brilliant times. Still get acknowledged as the milk boy from various people.

Jim Brown Don’t mention El Popo 🙂

James Stirling Auld Peter used to show borders canaries

Lesley Sutherland Elaine Taggart remembered were there with AFG x

Scott Cameron The excitement of seeing JPS was only bettered by seeing Hercules The Bear

Andy Bonner I won competition at school to meet Hercules the 🐻and dude that wrestled him Andy 😂😂
Jim Donnelly I Was Both A Milk Boy & A Driver.

Kanyarat Sutthisa These two muscle men were the main attractionManage
Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, outdoor
James McMillan Mad Davie

Ruth Haughen This is why people in Blantyre always seem to know me.

William Dickson yes i was milk boy with my late uncle mick dickson we delivered with horse and cart at wilkies also remember the name of horses janet and percy good old days

Kevin Campbell Worked for wilkies for years Whitehill were the best tippers about ☝️

Agnes Wilkie Aaahh….those olden golden days of 3am rises and frozen milk bottles with the tops coming off…

John Allan Yes i was a milk boy there then for roxy and the bad tippers got the popped frozen bottles happy days

Craig Wilkie How’s this for an alternative snap – here’s my version of the World’s StrongestManage
Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing
Joanne Rae Brilliant photos!

Kirsty Liebow Had the pleasure of meeting Jon Paul at the Highland games at Wilkies farm! Sadly the drugs got him.
Geordie Mckean A bit much that kirsty but I’m sure it was a heart defect (weakened heart) which affected his whole family
Kirsty Liebow He was on the steroids
Jean Gibson Remember this well. The Round Table were involved. Great Barn Dances in the evening.

Mary Ann Poneszkis Poneszkis I remember it well. Fond memories xx


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  1. Heather McKnight-Wendt

    My dad – Harry McKnight – told me he delivered milk around Blantyre when he was a boy / teenager. Quite sure it was Wilkies, he mentioned. Was probably in the mid / late 1950s or early 1960s. Maybe somebody here did the milk rounds with him. If so I’d love to hear your anecdotes!

  2. I bottled the milk in 69 or 70.I was that slow Mrs. Wilkie used to come out and give me. A hand, no kidding

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