Kirkton flattened 1989

1989 Church Halls Demolished wmWhen I first saw this photo it was difficult to picture where in Blantyre it was. However, putting into context, its around 1989 and taken from the Disaster Monument at Kirkton, High Blantyre looking northwards across to where Kirk Care now is today.

At a time before the care home was built, gone are the tenements, gone are the church halls and school, gone is the little petrol station and the site was vacant and starting to become overgrown.

Two things however, remained unchanged. The little electrical cabinet still there today. Also, the beautifully kept border around the monument, well tended and as always each summer and autumn, full of colour.

Thank you to Sandy Wilkie for sharing this photo.

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Maggie Anderson The changing face of Blantyre….I lived in the tenement right next to the petrol station many many years ago …through the terrible storm with half the roof blown off….we were top flat so it was a nightmare I’d rather forget x

Elizabeth Grieve I remember when the church hall was there. I went to the badminton club in the upper hall. Great times

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