Clifton (Hilden/ Moraig) – 327 Glasgow Road

Clifton (Hilden / Moraig)

327 Clifton

Clifton at 327 Glasgow Road is an impressive villa with a large spacious rear garden

Constructed: >1902<1904 Other Names: Moraig, then Hilden
Constructor: W.G Robertson Original Address: 305 Glasgow Road
House Type: detached Villa Current Address: 327 Glasgow Road

    Brief Summary: Constructed by William G Robertson sometime between 1902 and 1904, Clifton is an impressive detached villa with one of the largest gardens and garages on Glasgow Road.

    William was a bricklayer and worked in South Africa for a time letting his house out to family member, Elizabeth Robertson. The house was originally called ‘Moraig’ but when passed in ownership to Thomas Devaney, a spirit dealer before the First World War, it was renamed as “Hilden”.

   At that time it was let to Michael J Harkin MD. During Springtime 1917, Robert Colquhoun a draper bought, owned and occupied the house for a short time, selling to Dugald M Norris, the grocer by 1925. At the time it had 2 public rooms, 4 bedrooms, a washhouse, pantry, tool store, bathroom, kitchen and scullery.

This was a quality, luxury home for the early 20th Century, a far cry from the ‘miner’s raws’ dotted all over Blantyre. It would take a successful person to afford and live in such a home. Dugald M Norris the grocer lived in this desirable villa until around 1936.

When the next owners moved in, the house was renamed a third time to “Clifton” as it is still currently known today. The property changed hands again during WW2. In post WW2 years, another doctor lived at this address. At one and half storeys, with dormer windows, it is well built and maintained, its architecture and design standing the test of time.

From the book, “Blantyre Glasgow Road South – The Real Story” by Paul Veverka (c) 2017

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,

Catherine Davidson That was Dr.Adam Stewart that lived in that house .

Jane Maxwell Dr Stewart lived there.

Anne Irvine Is this the house Paul that’s recently been redone??. With the wee ‘mini house’ within the grounds?

Blantyre Project Hi Anne – im not sure on that but there certainly is a substantial building in the garden. Not wanting to invade the privacy of contemporary owners, I’ve steered clear of who lives in all these homes now.
Anne Irvine Yes I understand. I didn’t want to say too much Paul. But I love they houses + especially you giving us some history on them. Amazing reading. Well done

Blantyre Project thanks Anne. I was glad of the opportunity to be the first to explore all these villas and homes in detail.

Mary Sitters My Mam, Dad and 4 of my 6 brothers lived at 327 in the 1930’s but it definitely was not this fancy hoose!
Blantyre Project the addresses changed in 1931 Mary. This house has only been 327 since then. Before 1931 and the lifting of tramlanes and re-alignment of the road, this house was 305.
Blantyre Project 321-327 Glasgow Road before 1931, was Walker’s Buildings a set of double storey tenements. After 1931 they were given new addresses of 401 – 423. Very confusing, i know.
Blantyre Project At Walkers Building (the old 327) in 1935 the families were White, McIlraith, Downie, Muir , McGarvie, Whyte, McCourt, Farrell, McGinlay, Cassidy and Mathieson.  Next door in the adjacent part were families Mann, Kane, Whyte, Wallace and Boyd.


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  1. have a few memories of this house when Dr Stewart lived there if you got injured during the week-end when his surgery was closed you went to his back door where he would come out and attend to you. his surgery was located on Glasgow road near Harper’s garage .corner of Craig st

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