Bothwell Bridge 1880’s


1880s Bothwell Bridge J McGhie wmWhat a lovely day for a sit on the Blantyre side, by the River Clyde at Bothwell Bridge! This charming photo however, is all the more remarkable in that it was taken nearly 140 years ago, even half a century BEFORE the Lido park was formed, a quarter century even before trams started running over the bridge!

Taken by J McGhie in the early 1880’s, a gentleman stands for the camera beside a boy sitting against a tree, perhaps his son? The river looks low, leaves on the trees hinting at a summer picture.

The tree is heavily carved with initials. Bothwell is out the picture to the left. The early photo is a nice window into the past, and although it looks simpler and quieter, it was a time of great change and industry, in the middle of the Victorian era.

More of McGhie’s close up photos later….

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June Mclaren Used to play down there before it was renovated..memories love the photo x

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