1989, Oldest Cottage

Who remembers this cottage being lived in? Pictured here, still occupied in 1989, this cottage was built in 1823. With exception of my own home, this is the oldest house in Main Street, High Blantyre still standing, although now of course a ruin.

Trees grow from within it now, the roof partially collapsed, the windows bricked up. If the owner is reading this from their current home in Hamilton, I would love for you to donate it as a future ‘Blantyre museum’ (I’ll do the work!) or allow me to fundraise to make you an offer. Blantyre desperately needs a little, permanent museum and this would be a wonderful permanent legacy. (I can dream!)

To those still unsure where this is, its opposite the Lomond View Flats not far from the top cross.

1989 Main St wm

With thanks to S Wilkie for sharing.

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John Cornfield Remember it well
Great idea Paul

Archie Arbuckle Paul it’s owned by my wife’s cousin and her family. It’s in dispute just now.

Blantyre Project Thanks Archie. Its not listed or practical for parking. Its a strange one as it would never get planning for flats on such a small piece of ground and i know SLC would refuse building another house on the land given the space constraints that new modern detached houses require 15m gardens and 2 parking spaces.. My idea above is only half in jest. Leaving it there will likely be the only option to anybody who ends up acquiring it. Renovation seems the only thing to do with it. Its a great wee building, a small piece of Blantyre heritage. I do hope somebody saves it.
Julie Murray Smither Its my fathers house

Peter Mcsorley My dad was your dad’s friend benny McSorley,I remember he made good currys

Ann Hartman Brilliant idea Paul better than losing another piece of Blantyre history

Helen Robb It’s a damn shame watching it going to waste. Xxx

Alasdair Gordon I have often wondered about his building. It’s a sad wee house and it would be nice to see it put to a good use.

Margaret Bell Brilliant idea. I’d donate no problem. X

William Dickson the person who own it in dispute with the council the man has stood his ground for years was born in high blantyre feel the house will be left to rot glad something can be done

William Dickson glad he still around x

William Dickson was the paper boy with wullie m cleans shop met him most times our family born in park crescent near the cross had happy days in my teens there
Maggie Anderson William Dickson Do you remember this cottage as Mrs Skelly’s shop or is my mind playing tricks on me Lol ??
William Dickson skellys shop part of building the cottage was next door
Liz Allan William Dickson the shop was next door
William Dickson there was 2 shops in the building skellys and the whites had the other which became a hairdresser

Angela Kerr I used to visit wee John who lived in this house , we lived in the police house across from the Apollo , the council tried to buy over it from him to build on the land and he fought to keep it as is ….. I’m not sure if it’s still owned by him or not ? But he was definitely the last to live in it and owned it

Lesley Bethel It’s a shame to watch it deteriorate. It’s just an eyesore now sadly.

Linda Smith The building that used to be attached to that house was a wee shop and belonged to Mrs Woods.

Sheona Brennan Brilliant idea!

Julie Murray Smither John Murray is my father he owns it .I will get in touch with him.i agree its an eyesore but maybe my inheritance lol x

Angela Kerr Aw tell him I’m asking for him Julie I loved visiting him !!!!
Julie Murray Smither Hes in Edinburgh now Angela Kerr will do x

Eleanor Connor If that’s your inheritance, Julie… you’re a Lucky Lady !! By the way, your Dad was a nice wee man who wouldn’t sell his cottage to the Council–and good on him ! 💚💛

Julie Murray Smither I know Eleanor Connor stubborn old git lol x
Gillian Cunningham Great idea !!
Carol Crombie What a great idea

Karen Menzies Wee John Murray used to live in this house across the road from us and we spent many a day there ! Loved that Wee house x it was a quirky wee place x he rented to my aunt and uncle for a bit too x john was a lovely man x

Angela Kerr Loved going to his ! All his wee veggies he used to grow !!!!

Joyce Rooney Julie Murray Smither is that not your Dad’s house?? xx

Carole Mackie Rickard What a great idea Paul, I’m sure everyone on the The Blantyre Project would be keen to help fundraise for our own HB museum

Drew Fisher Great idea and a very suitable location for a museum.

Nicola Crowe i remember the wee man that lived there
always out at his plants

Anne Mackie Would be lovely to see this wee house being used again A far better legacy than being in ruin Please consider donating this precious wee house Thank you xxxx

Jim Donnelly Exellent Idea Paul,I’m sure everyone who could help would.

Dougie Beaton My mum and dad stayed in cottage behind this one they bought cottage from people who had the petrol station guys name was John

Moyra Lindsay I remember Mr and Mrs Taylor?

Henry Hambley Great idea. Perhaps South Lanarkshire Council could get involved with you for a truly memorable project. It was a cottage I passed many times in my childhood.

Edward Tonner I think dad would be better letting it go Julie I think it would be a bit expensive to make good

Margaret Stewart Fantastic idea
Elaine Speirs Great idea. I would donate time and money. I have my Grans air raid warden card from Springwells ww2 which I would love to go to a good home.
Eleanor Connor Wee John Murray….a nice wee man who wasn’t goin’ to be dictated to, by the Council. 💚 💛
Peter Mcsorley I’m sure John Murray lives cambuslang

Trisha Mcginty I can remember when it’s was a wee shop

Maggie Anderson Me too…i thought I was losing my mind lol…..as no one else seemed to remember that…this would be around 1963/4
Matthew Boyle Was the shop called Mrs Kelly or Skelly
Lorraine Brown Great idea 👍
Liz Allan I remember john in this house too as my hubby and I lived above wee Vals (carrigans)
Jane Mcguigan What a great idea!
Kieran Watson I always wondered about the history of this house.
Christine Forrest Yes set up a fundraising page! And it would be a great tourist attraction you could present all your books there too. I am sure you could get help from lottery, heritage etc I could find out for you. It would be so educational for local schools too.

Christine Forrest Yes set up a fundraising page! And it would be a great tourist attraction you could present all your books there too. I am sure you could get help from lottery, heritage etc I could find out for you. It would be so educational for local schools too.
Martin Smith Pass it every day on my way to work. It’s an eyesore at the moment.

Moira Todd I remember it as a wee shop!…Dad went every Sunday to buy his Old English Spangles on the way to church!!
Gillian Melrose I remember actually being in this wee cottage when I was small. My schoolfriend lived in the police house directly across the road. The last I knew John Murray had moved to Cambuslang with his partner (possibly named Lynn?) but this was many years ago! I’m sure he moved into the flats across from the go-carting place at the bottom of Main Street, Cambuslang (across from the old Hoover factory) xx

Megan Ó Criocháin Turn it into nairoo2

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