Winnie Ewing at Priory St 1967

1967 Winnie Ewing 1 st nov wm

1967 1st Nov Winnie Ewing at Priory St

 In 1967 as political figures vowed for Blantyre votes, Mrs. Winnifred (Winnie) Ewing of Blantyre SNP campaigned at the corner of Priory Street, and as these wonderful photos show, youth listened!

1967 Winnie Ewing 1 Nov wm

1967 1st Nov Winnie Ewing at Priory St

   Winifred Margaret Ewing (b1929) is a Scottish nationalist, lawyer and prominent Scottish National Party (SNP) politician who was a Member of Parliament (Hamilton 1967–70; Moray and Nairn 74–79), Member of the European Parliament (Highlands and Islands 1975–1999) and Member of the Scottish Parliament (Highlands and Islands 1999–2003). Now 88, her by-election victory in 1967 was significant in Scottish political history and began a surge of support for the SNP. She was SNP President from 1987 to 2005.

Do you recognise anybody in the crowd?

From the book, “Blantyre Glasgow Road South – The Real Story” by Paul Veverka (c) 2017

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Michael Mc Donagh BBC alba had a fascinating programme on a few years ago about her election and the panic it caused in West minister, I think it was Tony Benn who said they set up special committees to see how they could pay back what they owned Scotland for the oil if the SNP got into power. Interestingly she said everyone treated her with the respect of the job except the labour party.

Betty Brown Was involved in the Labour Party, I was only 20.
Was at the count in Hamilton City Hall, met a lot oh labour M,P.s 👍👍👍Margo Mac Donald was Olso involved,💥💥💥
Andy Callaghan My older brother Gerry (24 at the time) voted for her. It caused ructions in our house. My Mum n Dad, both staunch labour voters were scandalised. My Granda, a life long Communist party member, threatened to “cut the arse off him”. Lol. Changed days.

Thomas Barrett Alex Anderson top left

 Martin Smith Willie MC Nulty??? In the middle
Thomas Barrett Willie Quinn rip behind Winnie.

Helen Grieve The wee girl at the railing is Gina Hutchison

Stevie Mclean John Connachan !! Is that your good lady?
John Connachan Oft it defo looks like a hutchy Stevie Mclean will take a screenshot and send it to her, she not into nudebook lol
Stevie Mclean Was just comment above mine!! Probly waiting on you coming out of teddies!!!

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