Blantyre Scouts, 1960’s

Pictured here are the Scouts at High Blantyre. In the 1960’s outside the former Old Parish Church Halls during the 1960’s about to go on parade. In the background, The Victoria Bar, now the Cornerstone.

Whats your memories of the Scouts, and do you recognise anybody?

1960s scouts wm

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Lilian Grieve First scout is Alistair McLean I think
Moira Mulvaney Pacheco Alistair lived beside me in Park Crescent. Also he did marry
Moira Mulvaney Pacheco He did marry Jean. He lived with his Mum and Aunty.
Archie Bethel Alec MccLean, Alister MacLean is Jean’s brother
Elizabeth Weaver Alec (or Alex) McClean, I think? Married Jean McLean (newsagent’s daughter) so not much change on marriage, apart from spelling 😉

Margaret Henry Elizabeth, yes it’s Alec McLean – he was a close friend of my brothers John and Bill Dorricott.

Elizabeth Weaver Margaret Henry I remember your brothers too – and you!

Jean Mcclean You are correct

Elizabeth Weaver I take it you’re the Jean I mentioned? Lovely to see you on here. My mum knew your mum pretty well of course and I remember your family fondly. Betty Weaver.
Elizabeth Weaver And is that the McGaughey lad next to him? Jack? I’m really not sure about that one at all.

Jean Gibson Is the second smallest not George McKenzie?

Elizabeth Weaver I think so, Jean.
George Mackenzie I think you might be right

Jean Gibson Would know that cheeky face anywhere! Hope you are well.
Janet Cochrane First boy Alec McLean second Jack McGaughey
Joan Longmuir Could be Billy Warslow

Iain Mcalpine I am sure the second one in line is definitely Jack McGaughey and the one second from the end I think is george but don’t think the one in front is Alistair McLean, but could be Alec
George Mackenzie Yes It’s Alec (was he not also known as ‘Spike’?

Archie Peat !st Blantyre Troop , never a patch on the 3rd Blantyre ( Stonefield Parish Church)

George Mackenzie Margaret Henry Recognise anyone? If not I’m sure your Bill would
John Barbour If you look carefully you will see Archie in the bar……

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