Tim Horton’s Cafe & Bakehouse

You know how I like to record the arrival of new businesses in Blantyre…

Tuesday 12th December 2017


I can now confirm, Tim Horton, the Canadian Takeaway food & drink giant, will open THIS Tuesday 12th December 2017 at High Blantyre, not far from Westcraigs at Hamilton Technology Park.

The large, corner unit, located next door to Greggs is fully renovated and their cafe and bakehouse is now shop fitted, and as my pictures show, it looks fantastic ready to open! Staff training is underway this weekend.

Horton’s opens at 12 MIDDAY on Tuesday 12th December with the first 100 customers receiving FREE food for their lunch!!

Horton’s is Canada’s largest, most popular quick ‘food to go’ outlet! As well as hot and cold beverages, Horton’s also sell premium, quality food products like muffins, sausage and bacon rolls, hash browns, wraps, granola, soups, chilli, fruit, paninis, toasties, sandwiches and potato wedges. Then of courses theres delicious muffins, pastries and world famous donuts.

Staff were friendly and polite when we asked questions about their launch. We wish Hortons all the very best at this location and look forward to our first coffee.

It looks like food outlets in Blantyre are going to have a serious competitor at their doorstep.

Horton’s UK Menu is attached…..

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,:

Gordon Hayburn I won’t be able to escape them even when I come home for a visit next summer 😂
Fiona Allen
Looks like there are excellent healthy eating options !

Melanie Creechan Braniff What?!! Ann Adair Creechan, Timmies in Blantyre!!\
Lorraine Adair Mel across from my work….

 Norma Lawrence Marr Another great reason to plan another trip to Blantyre!! Love my medium double double!!

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