1982 Glasgow Road looking east


1982 Glasgow Road wm

Looking through some old photos, I had to pinch myself that this one was actually taken 35 years ago, (but it was!)

This is Glasgow Road in 1982 looking east, the brand spanking new Clydeview Shopping Centre newly built on the right, looking super shiny. The main entrance to the Public Park still there, (which I think with the wall always looked more impressive). With the Sports Centre opening that year too, this must have all seemed so modern and futuristic to Blantyre residents at the time.

As an 11 year old child, I didn’t really pay attention to much of this at the time, it was simply “progress’ but I distinctly do remember thinking it looked better than derelict shops. Asda was SUCH a wonder! My mother never really took to shopping in Asda, but my dad often did, doing the weekly shop, usually with one of us kids in tow.

What’s your memories of this time and place?

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Elizabeth O’Brien I remember going into asda when newly opened and got lost as my parents were trying to do their shop. I got distracted looking at a smurf record. They did buy me that record but not sure if at the same time.
Nina Muir This photo looks like it was taken from nearer priory street where there were a few benches.
Older men of Blantyre sat there during the day, wearing hats, smoking their pipes, passing the time of day, watching the world go by…..nice way to spend an hSee more
Carol Crombie Oh those chip butties were the best ever, smothered in salt and vinegar
Helen Mccallum Great picture I was 7 at the time the whole area just looks fantastic
Jack Owens That is a familiar block of dirt.

Stephen Anderson Photo was taken from Joe Rouse’s garden. The hedges are away now though. Joe James Lynne
Hugh Sanaghan I stayed in 223/a looking on to Glasgow rd for 10 years loved the place x
James Rouse Thought that Stephen Anderson. You can just see the public toilets. Good days back then.
Carol Keatt Can you remember the toilets ?
Arlene McWilliam Green Sitting on the wall next to the public toilets and looking across at all the older ones going into Rascals and wishing I could go although I was only 14 at the time 😂. We would have been at the swimming on a Friday night and sitting on that wall, eating a bag of chips, hair blow dried under the sports centre blow dryer, with blue eyeliner and lip gloss applied, wanting to be older. Move on one year and we managed to blag our way into the sports centre bar and get a cider, move on another year and into Rascals we did go 😬.
Keith Anderson Was it not spelt Rascalz
Mary Bennett Think I was one of the first employees of Asda
Graham Elder Where the picture was taken, was there a building with a plough in the front grass? Called Hastie’s? What was Hastie’s?
Jim McAllister Hated it then hate it even more now, as a kid I often walked down Glasgow Rd an all the shops made the town until asda came an ripped the heart out the town

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