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Priory Street

1936 remarkable map showing Council homes built but Priory Street not yet constructed

   Priory Street dates from 1936 and runs in a northeast to southwest position linking Glasgow Road to Calder Street. At its junction with Glasgow Road, nearby stands the Stonefield Tavern. With the slum clearance of the mid 1930’s demolishing many of the most northerly homes of Dixon’s Rows, a County Council programme of 92 brand new homes was started on a site known as the ‘Calder Street site.’

   Delayed by adverse weather in January 1936, twenty of the homes had been built by that spring, along Glasgow Road and up what would become Priory Street towards the next proposed site at Calder Street. The 1936 map remarkably shows the houses built, empty with no Priory Street yet built until later that year.

   The houses are made of brick, roughcast with slated roofs. They are double storey of three, four and five apartments and all them still stand today. At the time of construction, part of the ground was taken over from William Dixon & Co by the County Council who intended building the remaining 72 homes on the rest of the nearby Calder Street site.

   The Priory Street council homes were built by local builders, Messrs Andrew Wright and Sons, who also had contracts to build 176 homes at Fallside in Uddingston. Priory Street named after Blantyre’s most ancient ruin, once connected Calder Street to Glasgow Road, but is now a cul de sac, with access to Glasgow Road, now prohibited to vehicles. Postal addresses are odd on the east and evenly numbers on the west.

1938 Slater family at Priory St

Duncan and Sadie Slater at 1 Priory Street in 1938 with their mother

   People may remember popular families like the Slaters at 1 Priory Street, the McGurks at number 3 or the Bevridges at number 11.

   This treasured family photo was kindly shared by Duncan Slater and was taken outside 1 Priory Street in 1938. In the photo is Duncan’s mother with her children. Duncan is actually the baby and Sadie, his elder sister. Generations of the same family have lived at Priory Street. It was a busy junction on Glasgow Road during the mid to late 20th Century. Several popular opposing shops and the proximity to the pub and cinema made it a regular place to park.

   A large bus stop and layby now blocks off the street at Glasgow Road, next to the Stonefield Tavern.

From the book, “Blantyre Glasgow Road South – The Real Story” by Paul Veverka (c) 2017

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Elizabeth O’Brien My wee Nana who is still with us today lived in Dixons Row. She also lived down where Bardykes farm was Im sure. And now resides in Berkley Drive. She has been in her house since it was built.

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