Audrey Smith, Florist

Here’s local lady Audrey Smith, pictured here in the 1970s. Well known, respected and popular, Audrey was the town’s top florist. When this picture was taken she had helped scores of local women arrange flowers for a fantastic flower display to raised money for restoring the Old Parish Church Rose window.

1970s Audrey Smith wm

Based from her shop at Broompark Road, Audrey’s business bloomed. Her husband ran the adjacent garage.

I was once told, if you were on holiday abroad in that decade and met anybody who knew something about Blantyre, you would be asked “Do you know Audrey Smith?”

Do you remember Audrey or can tell me more?

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,:

Mary Gemmell Sutherland Elizabeth Freer this would be good on our page, I’m sure Paul would give permission

Elizabeth Freer Definitely!
Mary Gemmell Sutherland Audrey is still a regular at Blantyre Old Paul. A lovely quiet lady who still brightens up our Church with stunning flower arrangements.

Elizabeth Freer She recently took part in our 450th Anniversary exhibition as the Flower Festival was featured as part of the Festival Group.
Emma-Louise Hay I wondered why I recognised her face 🙂

Elizabeth Freer She is the floral master. 👍🏻😉
Elaine Cavanagh She did my wedding flowers. They were stunning.
Jean Boyd Funny enough I met Audrey the other day first time in years x
Janet Saunders She did ma wedding flowers😆💖
Vikki Pollock Lovely family the Smiths. The family had a few businesses in Blantyre over the generations.
Lillias Addison I used to go into the shop in Broompark road she used to sell lovely and unusual flowers if you were at floral art classes
Alison Glen Had a lovely chat with Audrey a couple of weeks ago. She comes to our house every Christmas to cut holly for the church Christmas floral displays. And when we got married many years ago, there wasn’t anyone else we’d have asked to do the wedding flowers!
Andrena Black Such a lovely lady .
Heather Logan All of my aunt’s knew Audrey and my aunt Irene worked for her, many years ago.
Joan Anderson Did my wedding flowers and Wedding car came from their garage. Dad knew Mr Smith senior and bought his cars there
Margaret Cunningham I used to go to the flower arranging class that Audrey run in the old church hall it was a good group and we had many a good laugh
Lorna Hughes Valentine Are you same Margaret who did the brownies and guides?
Margaret Cunningham Yes I am and If my memory is right did you stay behind the church in Craigmuir Road?
Moira Mulvaney Pacheco Audrey is a lovely woman.
Douglas Freeland She did our wedding flowers 25 years ago
Marian Maguire Hi Lillias Addison I didn’t know you were on Facebook. Yes I knew Audrey as well and she made a headdress for my late daughters first communion, it was beautiful a ring of ivy and gypsophilla.
Drew Fisher I remember being in her house with her children Evelyn and Graham when we were kids. Mrs Smith is indeed a lady.
Angela Whyte Beautiful lady with a beautiful talent. She made all the arrangements for my wedding in 2000. X
Maureen Keith Audrey was my City and Guilds teacher and an inspiration

Moyra Lindsay Audrey was a Bannatyne of Bannatyne and Jackson nurserymen. Nice family.
Blantyre Project Bannatyne, as in connected to Milheugh?
Moyra Lindsay Blantyre Project don’t know that ,Paul, Bannatyne and Jackson had a nursery in what is now Silvertonhill Hamilton. When we moved here 46 years ago it was still there, it’s houses now. They also had a shop near top cross, they made my bridal bouquet. Since then Audrey has made all wreaths for family funerals, she also lives in Ladysmith which was called that when they moved there. Before that I think it belonged to Pate who was related to my dad through marriage.
Jill Doherty Audrey was a good friend of my Gran’s and did the flowers for our wedding which were stunning!! Lovely lady x x x

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  1. Audrey was a much loved and respected member of staff of Woodburn House, the School of Horticulture Langside College. Sbe was our Part Time lecturer in Flower Arranging for many years.

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