Blantyre Scouts at Kirkton, 1960s

Blantyre Scouts at Kirkton Cross, outside the Old Parish Church Halls. Likely late 1950’s or early 1960s, i’m assured Blantyre lads Alec Purse, Ian Smith, Norrie Clements and Jim Reid are in this photo.

1960s scouts at Kirkton wm

Do you know anybody else or able to firm up the date?

Update: Ive now had this confirmed it is 1962.

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Blantyre Project Behind the date stone (pictured) was a time capsule, found in 1989 when the building was demolished.

Moyra Lindsay Billy O’Neil third from left. We were at his funeral a month ago.

Blantyre Project Hi Moyra -Im sorry to read that. I suspect a few of these lads may not be here anymore. Are you able to firm up the decade or date, going by how old he looks? I’ve said the picture looks 1950s or 60s but is too vague. Thanks.

Moyra Lindsay Blantyre Project Don says probably 1959 or 1960 Bill would have been 73 last week.
Archie Peat Wow , No” elf and safety” in those days, on the back of a lorry !!

Ann Brown Don’t know whether 50s or 60s. Norrie Clement passed away 4 years ago, he was my uncle

Margaret Nimmo Lehmann Maybe late 50s Paul. I recognize the names Norrie Clements and Alec Purse but these boys look younger than I remember in the early 60s

Blantyre Project Thanks Margaret. Merry Christmas to you.

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