Priory Colts FC, Blantyre

2017 Priory Colts FCPriory Colts Football Club is a contemporary NEW local football club, which started up earlier in 2017.

They started out with trying to give the boys in the local community something to do and to keep them ‘off the streets’. They coach players at a young age and are hoping to have a successful time running the club.

The club is run by co-founders Callum Coghill, Dylan Orr, Kyle McKirdy and Shay Cunning.

Calum told us today, “It started with very few boys but with the equipment and time put into the venture, they grew quickly into a great community club to pass time for the boys. They hope to register the team and give an extra club to the Blantyre area and grow as much as they can to develop players at any level.”

The club is on the lookout for new players who can join here:

They’re looking to give new opportunities to kids to develop.
Training Nights: Wednesday Tact Hall Blantyre 4:30-6:00
Thursday St. John Oglivie High School 7:00-8:00
Contact Callum on 07825710064 if interested

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2017 Priory Colts logo

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