1773 No Main Street


1773 Charles Ross Lithrig

Looking at the Charles Ross 1773 map of Blantyre, many of the names shown are familiar, but I noticed “Lithrig” which looks to be an early adaptation of Letterick. Also beside Crossbasket and Greenhall is “Craighead” which surprised me somewhat.

However, by far the most striking feature of the map is the absence of Main Street in High Blantyre, with Auchinraith Road running up to what is now parts of Main Street, then down to the junction at the foot of Sydes Brae!

No Douglas Street meant a collection of homes at the Kirkton area, an L shaped junction and no top cross we have today. It’s strange to imagine High Blantyre in those old times, but the map is a great reflection of Blantyre at a time before Blantyre Works. Blantyre had no more than 500-750 people at that time.

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